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Unfortunately, my work schedule has been hectic recently and I’ve been unable to make time to visit my usual stylist of nearly sixteen years. Her salon is close to the city and (just this once) I needed a time-saver so, I rolled the dice on a local establishment – Sport Clips in Monroe, GA. My bad! I get it that mistakes happen and, in this case, my mistake was that I should have put on my reading glasses immediately after the haircut so that I could have at least attempted to get this issue fixed while still in the chair. That said, I’ll own my mistake, but I’m not sure if Sport Clips can (or will) own theirs. In short, my normal haircut is pretty standard; just imagine the classic men’s fade with extra length on the tops & bangs (for a visual representation, simply Google for “David Backham fade”, or “Brice Harper fade” and you’ll get the general idea)…simple and straight forward. However, after I left the salon (which was less than 3 hours ago), my wife & kids were quick to point out the lines on the back of my head, as well as a sizable gouge out that was taken out of the right-rear side of my hair…and it’s a big’n). I’m no hair stylist by any means but I’m guessing that the lines should be an easy fix…then again, the fact that the lines exist is indicative of an amateur mistake. The gouge, on the other hand, was likely carelessness…or, perhaps I’m not the only one who needs glasses. Either way, I’m now stuck wearing this mess and, as an added bonus, I have a corporate holiday party to attend this weekend – which (as of now) may be a very embarrassing event if I can’t get this fixed. Suddenly, I now need the help of someone with real talent and experience.

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Todd G. | December 14, 2021 Haircut

"Unfortunately, my work schedule has been hectic recently and I’ve been unable to make time to visit "